Payment for SME Bank Financing

You can make your financing payments through these simple steps

For CIMB Clicks Account Holders

  • Head on to the genuine Cimb Clicks website.

  • Select Pay & Transfer 

cimb 1

  • At the Biller section, select SME Bank (Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad).

cimb 2

  • Please ensure you have provided the following details:

    1. Customer Payment Account Number 14 digits:
    2. Telephone number
    3. Customer Name
    4. Payment amount

cimb 3

Maybank2u Account Holders

  • Head on to the genuine Maybank2u website.

  • Select Pay & Transfer

mb 1

  • Under the Pay tab, search for SME Bank.

mb 2

  • Please ensure the following details are inserted correctly:
    1. Customer Payment Account Number 14 digits
    2. Customer / Company Name
    3. Payment amount

mb 3

  •  Click Pay once you have completed the above details.

Payment instruction must include the following information :

  1. Customer Repayment Account Number 14 digits - 98955 XXXXXXXXX
  2. Customer Name
  3. Amount

Other banks’ Internet banking account holder

Below is the step by step for Customers that owns other Bank’s Internet Banking Account Holder:

Bank Islam

  • Head on to Bank Islam genuine website and enter your credentials.

  • Select Funds Transfer > Interbank > Instant Transfer.

BI 1

  • At the Transfer Type section, select Fund Transfer to Savings / Current Account.
  • Select Cimb Bank Berhad at the Recipient Bank section.

BI 2

  • Enter your company name in the Reference section.

  • Please ensure the above details are correct.

BI 3

  • Click confirm to complete the payment process.


Applying for business financing is now easier with MySMEBank online application

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