As the client of SME Bank, what are the assistance provided to help alleviate the financial burden of the SME entrepreneurs? 
  • Effective 1st April 2020, all customers of SME Bank are entitled to the 6 months automatic moratorium as announced by BNM. This is subject to the accounts not being in arrears for a period exceeding 90 days as at 1st April 2020.
  • However, customers can opt out and choose to continue servicing the accounts as per the original payment schedule.
  • For those who accept the 6 months moratorium arrangement, the original payment schedule recommences from the 7th month onwards and customer may discuss with SME Bank for the settlement options available. 
Is SME Bank offering any assistance to the tenants of the Entrepreneur Premises Complex (EPC)?
  • All 248 tenants of the EPC nationwide will be given a temporary relief on the rental payments of up to 6 months starting from 1 April 2020.
  • SME Bank will consider to reschedule all outstanding payments of RM10,000 and below by the tenants on a case to case basis.
Does SME Bank offer any special financing program for SME entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19? 
  • SME Bank offers the Automation and Digitalisation Facilities (ADF), Agrofood Facility (AF) and All Economic Sectors (AES) Facility which is part of BNM’s financing facilities to assist Malaysian SMEs.
  • Details of ADF, AF, and AES are as follows:
Automation and Digitalisation Facilities (ADF) Agrofood Facility (AF) All Economic Sectors (AES) Facility

Incentivise SMEs to automate processes
and digitalise operations to increase
productivity and efficiency.

Increase Agrofood production for
Malaysia and for export purposes.

Enhance access to financing for SMEs
in all economic sectors, in particular
underserved SMEs, and to support growth

Malaysian SMEs* Malaysian SMEs* Malaysian SMEs*
Purchase of equipment, machinery,
computer hardware and software,
IT solutions and services, technology support services and other intangible assets to
enhance productivity and efficiency
Capital expenditures; or/and
Working capital; and Development
of Agrofood projects
Capital expenditures; or/and Working capital
Financing Rate
Up to 4% p.a.
(inclusive of any guarantee fee)
Up to 3.75% p.a.
(inclusive of any guarantee fee)
7% p.a.
(inclusive of any guarantee fee)
Maximum Financing Amount
RM3 million per SME RM5 million per SME RM5 million per SME
Maximum Tenure
10 years 8 years 5 years
Until 31 Dec 2020 Open Open

*Based on the definition of SME as approved by the National Entrepreneur and SME Development Council (NESDC) with at least 51% shares held by Malaysians. 

How can SMEs obtain more information about these facilities?
  • Please call the Bank's Customer Service Centre at 03-2603 7700 for more information.




MySMEBina is a financing programme for construction and infrastructure projects awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Link Companies (GLCs) and its subsidiaries.
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MySMEBekal is a complete short term financing programme to supply or maintain the contract awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Agencies, Government Link Companies (GLC) and its subsidiaries.
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Supplementary Renewed Facility <br />(i-SURF)

Supplementary Renewed Facility

i-SURF is an automatic additional financing of working capital for SME Bank’s existing customers who have collateral of property and / or Sijil Pelaburan Am Mudharabah/ Fixed Deposit charged/ pledged to the bank and have shown good repayment records.
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SME Digitalisation Initiative

SME Digitalisation Initiative

Grant initiative provided for SMEs to adopt Digitalisation in business operations.
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