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Special Fund for Tourism 3 (SFT3) is a financing programme to support Government’s effort to boost the tourism industry among the small and medium enterprises and to contribute towards the income for the nation.


  • Registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001 or Co-operative Societies Act 1993 (Amendment 2007).
  • Meets Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) definition.
  • The Company has been in operations for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The shareholding structure is at least 51% owned by Malaysian.
  • Project including homestays or handcrafts must be registered with Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) or endorsed by Jawatankuasa Pinjaman Tabung Pelancongan (JKPTP) of MOTAC.
  • Project located in Malaysia.

Financing Concept

  • Commodity Murabahah Term Financing-i (CMTF-i)
  • Commodity Murabahah Revolving Financing-i (CMRF-i)
  • Kafalah Bank Guarantee (BG)

Financing Limit

The financing will be based on the project cost and the cashflow position. The limit will be determined by the Bank and subjected to the Single Customer Limit.

Financing Tenure

  • Up to maximum of 20 years including maximum of 3 years Grace Period

Profit Rate

  • From BFR - 1.0% p.a. to BFR + 0.5% p.a

    Note : Current Base Financing Rate (BFR) is 6.85% p.a.

Nature of Project

Priority shall be given to the following types of projects:

  • Tourism projects that are being promoted by the Government.
  • New, upgrading or renovate tourism and historical properties.
  • Transportation services related to tourism.
  • Tourism resorts and its infrastructures.
  • Manufacturing or supplying products/ facilities related to tourism.
  • Working capital for tourism activities
  • Other related tourism projects which is determined by the Government.


Special Fund for Tourism (SFT 3)

Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS)




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