Subordinated Financing Programme (SFP) is a collaboration financing programme with TERAJU to provide financing to Bumiputera companies in the shortfall of project or plant/machinery cost. SFP is a two-tier financing programme in the form of Principal Financing and Subordinated Financing.

  • For project and plant/machinery/equipment financing
  • Bumiputera shareholding in the Company is at least 51%
  • CEO/MD or highest management position must be Bumiputera
  • Company's investment value in the project should be at least 5% of the total financing applied
Financing Concept
  • Commodity Murabahah Term Financing-i (CMTF-i)
Financing Limit
  • Principal Financing: Up to Single Customer Limit
  • Subordinated Financing:  Up to RM3.0 million


Profit Rate
  • Principal Financing : From BFR + 0.0% p.a. to BFR + 2.5% p.a
  • Subordinated Financing : 2.0% p.a.


Margin of Financing
  • Principal Financing : Up to 65% of project or asset acquisition cost.
  • Subordinated Financing : Up to 30% of of project or asset acquisition cost or RM3.0 million, whichever is lower
Financing Tenure
  • Principal Financing : Up to 10 years
  • Subordinated Financing : Up to 3 years*

*Note : To commence after Principal Financing has been fully paid 

  • Principal Financing: Charge on the asset to be financed
  • Subordinated Financing: Subsequent charge on the asset to be financed
  • Personal guarantees/ joint and several guarantees/ corporate guarantees


  • Takaful/insurance coverage is mandatory iff the asset is given as security for the financing (if applicable). You have the option to select the service offered by our panel Takaful operators or non-panel Takaful operators.
Fees & Charges

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Product Disclosure Sheet

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