Joining the Bank in July 2010, Datuk Radzif’s focus then was to transform SME Bank to become a respected and key player in supporting the Government’s effort of nurturing and developing  the SME entrepreneurs.

He was instrumental in rolling out the Five-Year Transformation Roadmap (2010-2015) with the primary objective of streamlining the Bank’s business model and operational processes. Among others, the exercise entailed the introduction of a new set of vision and mission as well as creating new core values for the Bank.

The core focus encompassed three key areas which are Restructuring and Transformation; Self Sustaining and Global Standard, and Pushing for Greater Financial Inclusivity. A major accomplishment under the five–year transformation plan was the unveiling of Project Wisdom in 2012 which eventually paved the way for SME Bank to switch from the conventional banking system to Shariah principles effective June 2015.

2012 was also the year SME Bank introduced its maiden RM3 billion Sukuk which enabled the Bank to revamp its business while at the same time empower the SME ecosystem by providing additional funds to assist more SMEs.

Under his leadership, the Bank has received a total of 23 awards both locally and internationally. The highlight of the recognition is SME Bank being accepted as a member of The Montreal Group (TMG), an exclusive global forum for state-owned development banks focused on assisting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. SME Bank is the only Development Finance Institution (DFI) in the country and ASEAN to be accepted as a member. Being accepted to the Group is part of the Bank’s journey in achieving its vision of becoming a full-fledged specialized financial institution – an international benchmark for nurturing SME excellence.

Datuk Radzif has also received the Outstanding CEO Award in 2016 from the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) in 2016.